We like keeping things simple after all, the best things in life are the ones that are simple. dareal organics - The name says it all. We bring to you real natural products for your skin, face, hair and body. We use natural ingredients that have been sourced responsibly without any adulteration and have tapped into the ancient science of Ayurveda to turn these ingredients into beauty products. And that is where dareal magic begins. The products we create are something that we're proud of, something that have been developed by combining ancient concoction with modern science and something that we'd give to our loved ones.

How do we ensure that our products are the very best?

It all comes down to using high quality ingredients. An ingredient that has been sourced from a good source and has been processed responsibly will give the desired results as opposed to a sub-standard ingredient. Furthermore, in order to cut costs, the very shampoo or lotion that you're using may have been adulterated. At dareal Organics, we:

1) Only use natural ingredients and process them in house to ensure that there is no adulteration
2) Ensure that the right set of natural herbs and cold pressed oils are used to give you the desired results.
3) Educate you to great extents about the use and benefits of each ingredient and products so that you know what's best for you
So welcome to dareal world of ancient wisdom, a world of real natural products with real natural benefits.

Our philosophy

The entire Universe is made up of one cosmic energy - energy that is inside us and all around us. You may call that energy Prana, Chi, Mana or Organic Energy but one thing is certain - we are one big ball of energy. The products that you apply on your skin and hair serve as nutrition for those parts of your body. All our efforts at dareal Organics is devoted towards only one thing - to use authentic and pure ingredients and combining them with ancient techniques to create grooming products that seek to give your skin and hair the best possible nutrition and enhance the flow of energy giving you the natural results that you're looking for.